What is Short-URL.co

Short URL is a user-friendly platform that allows users to reduce the size of all the URLs.

Links that are too long and wordy can easily frustrate a person. Sometimes, you cannot easily find what you are looking for just by typing in the search bar, and you have to write the whole link down. Undoubtedly, this process can take your precious time away. But what if you have a link shortener like “Short URL” with you, which can reduce that link’s size? In that case, typing or posting the link will not feel like a nuisance to you at all. Brands all over the world find short-url.co, essential for their workforce and work process. It helps businesses increase their brand recognition and help engage the new audience from around the cyber globe. It is simple, safe, and efficient. And the best thing about this platform is that it is completely free and also if you want to upgrade in future we also comes up with a professional plan with first three months are also free! With https://short-url.co/, give your audience a reason to click on your links. Studies show that when your links incorporate a significant message - your crowd is more likely or bound to engage with your content.

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Our platform is mainly designed to simplify the workflow for businesses.

short-url.co binds internal operations to the integrations to automate manual processes. While you are doing link shortening tasks, the integrations or API works for you.

Developer API

Get Automation? Support your software automation via Short URL’s free API

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Link Statistics

Users can quickly check their link’s statistics by opening the dashboard.

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Custom Domain

You can use your own domain

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Branded Link

Users can create their own URL Slogan.

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Why should you Choose Short URL?

Compared to the other URL shorteners, Short URL users have many benefits such as:

It makes a URL more visually appealing

Because Long URLs always frustrate the person and Long URLs not easy to share social media posts like Twitter, Facebook,instagram.So nowadays Short-URL.co is very important to the digital life cycle.

It makes branding a lot easier

URL branding can easier for consumers to engage with the website content. Short-URL.co allow helping the custom domain and URL slug

Short URL helps transform their long URLs in to short ones

Thus, they easily fit into places with a word limit (e.g., Twitter, where there is a word limit of only 280 words per tweet

Links with fewer characters make many users feel comfortable

They find it easy to click on them compared to their long counterparts. After Shorted your long URL it becomes Short-URL.Co transformed to eye-catching link eg:"s8t.me/ShortIt"

Link Statistcs

Link statistics get to help you know where is your real customer in the geographical locations.

Detailed Dashboard Access

Short-URL.Co providing a detailed dashboard including all the URL statistics. It is geographical locations, device, OS ...

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At Short URL, we have both free and paid versions.


Free Version
Absuletly Free
  • A total of 2000 shortened links;
  • 1 User Account
  • A total of 1000 Custom Keywords after Putting the Slash
  • Unlimited Redirects
  • UTM URL Builder
  • Link Password Protection
  • Free Limited Link Tracking Analysis Dashboard
  • Link Expiration Date
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Our paid version is for professionals who constantly seek out the most suitable platform for their work. And in this case, nothing can be better than a Short URL. With our paid version, you can get
  • Up to 20,000 short links
  • Short URL API for developers with free e-mail support
  • One custom domains with SSL
  • 3 User Accounts
  • 10,000 Custom Keywords after Slash
  • Free Unlimited Link Tracking Analysis Dashboard
  • All the Free Plan Benifits